Marybel Balendonck

Originally from Texas, Marybel moved to California in the 60’s.  Fascinated with Oriental art she became interested in Bonsai, first self-taught by acquiring books on the subject.  She started her formal training in 1965 and is recognized as one of today’s

more accomplished Bonsai artists.  Marybel was one of

the original board members of Kofu Bonsai when it was

created, the board consisting of her, Harry Hirao and

Larry Ragle.  She was President of Santa Anita

Bonsai Society and has held positions on the

boards of California Bonsai Society, Golden

State Bonsai federation, and Nampu Kai Bonsai. 

She is currently on the board of directors for the

National Bonsai and Penjing Museum in Washington

D.C.  Marybel is still very active in the Bonsai community

and displays her art on a regular basis at venues such

as the Huntington Library and Gardens, L.A. County

Arboretum, Japanese American Cultural center

L.A. and the Bowers Museum in Orange County.