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Events Calendar

We are required to follow covid-19 protocols so please bring a face mask at all club meetings until further notice.  While we encourage all club members to get vaccinated, it is not a requirement to attend meetings.

Kofu Kai Events and Club Meetings:

February 18, 2023       First club meeting for 2023. 

January 21-22, 2023   No meeting.  Kofu Kai encourages everyone to attend Baikoen's Winter Silhouettes                                      Show in NEW LOCATION, Live Oak Park Community Center, 10144 Bogue Street,                                        Temple City, CA 91780, from 10:00am to 4:30pm. Demonstration at 1:00pm both                                            days;  Saturday - Ken Teh, Sunday - Lindsay Shiba.  Sales area will include plants,                                        pots tools and more.  Saturday evening reception and raffle from 6:30 to 9:00pm


December,  2022         No official meeting or club party in December, but members can get together on                                             their own if they wish. 

November 19, 2022     Caroline Scott will be our guest presenter.  Please see our newsletter for details.

October 5-9, 2022        Bowers Museum Exhibition.  Setup will begin after the museum closes to the public                                       on Tuesday October 4th, and on Wednesday morning October 5th before the                                                 museum opens at 10:00am.  Public exhibition dates: October 5th thru October                                               9th. Demonstration on October 8th

September 17, 2022    Demonstration by Bill Ward

August 20, 2022           Demonstration by Tom Vuong

July 16, 2022                Club Meeting, Tropical Tree Critique by Bonsai Artist Jose Rodriguez, and silent                                             auction.


June 18, 2022                Auction and Fund Raising event!

May 21, 2022                 We will welcome Yannick Kiggen, CBS' visiting artist from Belgium at this meeting.                                         At this meeting Mr. Kiggen will critique members' trees.  If you would like your tree                                         to be part of the critique, please contact David Melitz to have                                               your name added to the list. 


April 16, 2022                Our April meeting will include a demonstration by Ron Espiritu. This meeting will be                                        held at our regular meeting place in Anaheim at the United Methodist Church, 1000                                        S. State College Blvd.   The meeting will begin at 6:00pm

March 19, 2022             Our March 2022 meeting was held and David and June Nguy's Nursery.  David                                              critiqued several member trees and gave a wonderful demonstration.  David and                                            June also provided wonderful meal of beef stew, fresh fruit and pastries for lunch.                                          Thank you David and June for your generosity and your demonstration.                                                          Individuals were able to arrive at the venue as early as 1:00pm.  While Mr. Nguy's                                          demonstration didn't start officially until 3:00pm, he spent the rest of the afternoon                                          working on trees and presenting his ideas on how to improve them.  


February 19, 2022         Tentative first meeting for 2022.  If covid-19 numbers permit, we hope to have                                                 regular monthly meeting in 2022.

January 2022                 No meeting, please attend Baikoen's Winter Silhouettes show (see below)


Other Events:

February, 25-26, 2023    Bonsai-A-Thon, 11:00am to 4:00pm at The Huntington Library, 1151 Oxford Rd.                                             San Marino, CA 91108


January, 21-22, 2023      Baikoen Bonsai Kenkyukai 59th Winter Silhouette Show and Sale.  Temple City                                              Live Oak park Community Center, Live Oak room, 10144 Bogue St., Temple City,                                          CA 91780.  10:00am to 4:30pm.  This is a temporary new location for this show.                                            Sales and demonstrations on both days.  Demonstrations at 1:00pm

October 8-9, 2022           GSBF Bonsai Rendezvous 2022, Santa Nella, California at the Hotel Mission del                                            Oro, 13070 S. Highway 33, Santa Nella, CA 95322.

October 1-2, 2022           Chino Bonsai Club Exhibit. 261 S. Junipero Serra Dr. San Gabriel, CA.  Show                                                hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm. Demonstrations, silent auction, raffle, vendor and club                                              sales.

September 17-18            San Diego Bonsai Club, 56th annual Fall Show, Balboa Park, San Diego, Casa                                              del Prado room 101

January 22-23, 2022       Baikoen Bonsai Kenkyukai 58th Annual Winter Silhouettes Show, Los Angeles                                              Arboretum and Botanical Garden, Ayers Hall, 10:00am to 4:00pm

February 4-6, 2022         California Shohin Society, Shohin Seminar  CANCELLED due to statewide                                                      covid numbers.  The California Shohin Society is rescheduling this event for                                                  February 2023. Please visit for more information.

April 2-3, 2022                 As of January 30, 2022, the Bonsai-A-Thon has been postponed until April 2-3,                                              2022 The Huntington Library due to covid safety concerns.  Golden State Bonsai                                            Federation "Bonsai-A-Thon" at the Huntington library, 1151 Oxford Road, San                                                Marino, CA 91108.  DUE TO COVID-19, THE HUNTINGTON LIBRARY IS                                                      EVALUATING THE FEASIBILITY OF SAFELY HOLDING THIS EVENT.  WE                                                  WILL NOT KNOW IF THIS EVENT WILL ACTUALLY TAKE PLACE UNTIL MID-                                            FEBRUARY.  ALL PEOPLE PLANING TO ATTEND MAY NEED TO PRE-                                                        REGISTER ON THE HUNTINGTON'S WEBSITE FOR THE SPECIFIC DAY                                                  THEY WISH TO ATTEND.

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